Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Great Albany NY Tea Party

The Great Albany,NY Tea Party was a success for the USA. We the people have the political power to assemble for our basic rights given to us by our founding fore-fathers of the United States of America. The taxes in our area are too high and we want the tax burden to be controlled so we can afford them; taxes have to be lowered. . . . . . . . I support the basic concept of the Tea Party and I wish that we will be successful in our effort to get the taxes under control in the Albany,NY area. We all have to work together as a team and I am sure that we will be in a good position to advance our agenda of lower taxes.

The 4th of July, Independence Day for us, is coming up on the calendar very fast and I would like to see 100,000 people at our next great Albany Tea Party. I am hoping that the organizers will inform us of what place our next Tea Party will take place at. I will keep everyone up-dated to the best of my ability and please pass this message on to our friends and neighbors. . . Sincerely, Raymonty.


Judy AKA Sunny said...

Hi Ray, hope you are doing fine, and have a nice weekend. :)

I still don't 'get' the tea parties, lol!

I just love to have my own *tea party* as tea and cookies are delish !

Anonymous said...

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